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This uses ultrathin needles, inserted to redirect or unblock the qi in the channels of the body. This restores the body’s balance significantly, and can relieve pain, ease stress, and restore function where disease or lesser imbalance (discomfort) exist—-and greatly enhance healing.

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Chinese Herbology is the “other half” of Chinese Medicine (to needles). Over thousands of ears the Chinese evolved a huge pharmacopia of thousands of substances that they discovered had medicinal value. Out of this they then developed a library of useful formulas that treat the full panoply of human illnesses with a mastery usually unencountered in Western herbology. This is because of the sophistication of the body of knowledge they were built from, which includes temperature and meridian indications of each herb. The practicality of herbs is that they allow you to continue your treatment during the time between acupuncture sessions, or for extended periods when you don’t need needling. Not only are Chinese formulas often absent the side effects associated wth pharmaceuticals, but the lines I offer have been batch tested to batch tested to assure they contain no suphur, pesticides, fungicides, heavy metals, or pathogenic microorganisms.

Traditionally acupuncturists have used moxa, which is rolled mugwort, burned over specific acupoints to warm the body and invigorate circulation. Research has shown this process to generate infrared heat. To avoid issues from smoke, I use moxa oil, which contains precipitate of the herbs in an oil base, and which has very similar energetic effects.

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Gua Sha
This involves scraping the oiled skin vigorously with what used to be a smoothed slice of buffalo horn (now made of other material) to bring out toxins in the body. Great for shaking a cold you’re coming down with.

This is an ancient practice as well, which originally employed bamboo cups. It is another time-honored way for drawing out toxins and speeding healing. If a glass rather than bamboo, plastic or silicone) cup is used, a flame in quickly inserted within it to remove the oxygen and its quickly placed on the body where a vacuum is created. Several or many can be applied and slid over the skin by the practitioner.

This involves the application of light, via a special light pen in which are inserted colored rods, Light is applied to specific acupoints It was developed by a German acupuncturist over the past 30 years, and is used around the world. It relies on the recent discovery that the meridians conduct light, in a way similar to fiber optic cable. The protocols are very effective at addressing psycho-emotional issues, and, among other things, very effectively moving lymph. I like to use Colorpuncture after I’ve moved deeper stagnation with needles.

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Does Acupuncture hurt?

Acupuncture needles are thin metal filaments approximately the width of several hairs. The sensations...